LEDSolar PRO 18x LEDs – Plant Grow Lights Waterproof

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LEDSolar PRO lights offers the proficient plant enthusiast to really get to work on their urban farm, based at home, the office or communal slot. Features include a 18W, 18 LEDs with separate CHIPS at 100-240 V AC focused lighting system that optimises consistent growth throughout the year, regardless of season. There is no mercury content and the life expectancy is 50,000 hours. Get ready to maximise yield, whether your needs lie in hydroponics, indoor plants or commercial crops.


Product Description


LEDSolar offers an innovative solution for sustainable lighting, optimising crop growth, whether it for your home, office or communal space.

Using reflectors to increase light efficiency, this stimulates high-quality yield. The LED (light emitting diodes) lights emit an electromagnetic spectrum, allowing for photosynthesis to occur.

The red lights stimulate flowering and seed production and the blue lights encourage stem and leaf growth.

Beneficial as an extra light source in countries that have low light, particularly the UK, Iceland and Scandinavia; the lights are tailor made to suit plant growth, with varying spectral outputs and different intensities.

Specialising in the latest LED technology, this translates to concentrated growth, yielding high quality plants and crops, including: horticulture, plant propagation, indoor hydroponics, aquatic plants and indoor gardening.

Urban farming is gaining momentum in cities and urban areas, letting people take control of their own food produce, for a healthier and more nutritious alternative to GM food.

Technical specs

Colour Red+Blue
Bulb Shape PAR38
Frequency (Hz) 50/60
Size (mm) 134*121
Net Weight (KG) 0.34
Waterproof Yes
Certification CE, RoHS
Brightness (lm) 360
Rated lifetime (h) 50000
Beam Angle (Degree) 30
Input Voltage (V) 100-240 AC
Power Factor >0.9
Height (mm) 133.8
Protection Rating IP55
Warranty 2 Years

Product Features


All terrain suitability

From urban farming to aquaponics LED Plant Grow is ideal for any small or large farming needs.

Safety and Security

With over 15,000 hours of testing we have made sure our LEDs don’t overheat and they are always safe.


Care and Cleaning

We have tested various lighting spectrum and selected the best UV replacement for indoor farming.

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